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The reception to follow after Ellister Thorley and Vandrysse Dyce’s wedding, located on the top floor the Drunken Hozen.

Attendees: ellisterthorley, vandrysse, doriennmydral, natharaiebonrook, renwyck, kaladwra, arstansangnoir, summoning-circle, skrimples, Lietta Rosewood, and Arenvald Greenbriar ( scarletdisciple ).

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Photos from Ellister Thorley and Vandrysse Dyce’s Wedding at the Arboretum in the Jade Forest. What a lovely ceremony it was! Congratulations, you two!

Attendees: ellisterthorley, vandrysse (with Clovis as the Ring Bunny), doriennmydral, natharaiebonrook, renwyck, arstansangnoir, theresafeatherinmydrink, kaladwra, summoning-circle, skrimples, and Lietta Rosewood

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((So, natharaiebonrook got Nath, Thoran and Zombies.  I pulled the same prompt (and I have screen shots to prove it!)  However, I canNOT match what Nath wrote.  I’m not good at sad endings anyway.  SO.  Here’s a spin using a little bit from every zombie genre I’ve seen.  And, um…it’s…kinda long…  Sorry.))

Nath slammed into the wall as he tried to turn a corner, the impact sending him to his knees.  He looked over his shoulder, and oh, but that was a bad idea.  Six zombies ran after him, snarling, growling, making those high pitched shrieking noises, and they were coming in fast.  So, so fast.

Natharai rose to his feet and tried to flee, but his steps were stumbling.  He’d run out of energy.  He’d run out of will. 

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The music I was listening to during ellisterthorley and vandrysse's wedding!

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Hey all,

I’d just like to take a break for a moment and write a little something that has been gradually concerning me over the past few weeks of the Warlords of Draenor Beta. As you all may already know from reading the forums, playing the beta yourself, or seeing my last OOC post on this matter, dark-skinned human formed Worgen males aren’t around anymore – And I am growing increasingly concerned on the fate of Natharai’s appearance.

Firstly, the drop date of WoD is looming ever closer. There are a lot of points of concern regarding the racial revamps that have yet to be addressed (angry Gnome lady faces, Human male broom beards, child-like Draenei women, etc…) and Blizzard has finally announced that you can now change your character’s face in the Barber Shop.

That brings me to my second point… While this is great news for some and will likely assuage a lot of concerns, it kind of feels like they are throwing in the towel on trying to make sure the faces are faithful to the original. With Blizzcon in two months, and WoD shipping shortly thereafter, my hope for them fixing this issue is diminishing rapidly and I have been considering my options if Natharai is suddenly, and irreversibly, whitewashed.

  1. Ignore it and carry on like usual. While I know that Natharai’s dark skin color is only an aspect, not at all the core, of his character, it is still how he’s been ever since I created him a whole eight years ago. When Nath contracted the Worgen curse, I had a hard time biting the bullet and lightening him two shades, but at least he still had dark skin.

    Now? If this carries on as it is, Nath won’t even look like the same person in-game.

    This sudden change in appearance would be extremely difficult for me to ignore, but I could always say that he’s still of darker skin – you just can’t see it. *Wiggles fingers. Ooo, magic! ¬_¬*

  2. Never have him leave his worgen form. Ever. This is possible since it’s, more or less, another “la la la I don’t see the problem” option. However, ICly, Natharai doesn’t like being in his fur all the time. It draws attention to him and makes him behave differently. Having him “embrace the wolf” fully like that seems like a pretty large leap in character.

  3. Somehow turn him into a female. This is also a pretty big leap, but the reason I say this is because the female worgen, oddly, AND thankfully, still retains an option for having a dark skinned character (and they’re black furred, to boot, which is what Nath should be).

    Though should I change him from a man to a woman, I’m presented a whole other set of issues. Firstly, dealing with the worgen female model. While it’s not impossible for me to adjust to that, since black fur and certain hairstyles can hide a lot about the chihuahua apple-domed head they have going on, it will also cause a good amount of IC issues.

    For starters, Natharai’s husband is 100% gay, unlike himself, and may have some issue with his husband of five years suddenly turning into a woman. This is on top of a whole other shopping list of issues, of course.

  4. Somehow turn him back into a human (or something else). This is the biggest change as far as choice goes, in my opinion, since I would have to magically macguffin Nath out of a curse that supposedly has no cure. While the skins for Humans have also been lightened a severe amount (which is also greatly upsetting), Nath would still look like himself. Just… minus the fur and fangs.

    But at this point, Nath has been a worgen for more than three years. It’s as much a part of his character now as his monocle and obnoxiously formal mien. Though some part of me takes issue with taking a simple way out of the worgen curse. If he was to be free of Goldrinn’s Will, then I strongly feel that he could do that only by somehow getting turned into a different race entirely via a transporter accident or something.

So that’s where I stand on the matter… What do you all think? Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Greenhearth Alternate Universe Drabble Challenge
Randomly Selected Character: Thoran
Topic: Zombie Apocalypse

• • • • • • • •

Autumn was closing in and the dog days of summer and the warm and uncomfortably sticky nights that came with them were soon bleeding away into a dry chill – an unhappy reminder of the miserably cold months to come. While it was a small blessing that the cold slowed, and usually froze, the shambling undead horde that ravaged this vast country, it brought a bevy of other problems. Scarcity of food, extreme temperatures, frostbite, and illness were among the most common issues and illness was what currently plagued an unlucky soul on this dark night.

Nestled in a makeshift camp within an old train boxcar were two men huddled before a small fire. The larger one of the pair was a grizzled and scarred man, his dark brown hair short and matted, who had his burly arms loosely wrapped around a thinner individual who was wrapped in a dirty blanket. The other was a scruffy looking dark-skinned man, who’s pallor was ashen and his flesh clammy with sweat, as he leaned against his companion tiredly and enjoying the warmth of his body heat. Yet even with that and the glow of the fire, he felt so cold.

The burly man picked up an abused water pouch and brought it up to the other’s cracked and dry lips, letting him drink deep despite it being their last bit of clean water. “…’Ow ya feelin’, luv?” Thoran rumbled quietly once Natharai finished his sip, gently thumbing away the excess droplets of water onto his lips in an effort to moisturize them.

“A little better,” Natharai croaked faintly, doing his best to offer a small thankful smile to his companion. The water was good, that much was certain, but it did not change the fact that his whole body ached. They were out of any medicine that’d be beneficial to this situation, but scavenging missions were becoming much more difficult over the recent months. The zombie blight first struck almost two years ago and most of everything useful has been already taken, used, or lost.

Gods… They have both lost so much. Their little group of survivors lasted a long while, at least fifteen strong, but this “war” that was fought between the zombies and the remaining humans was largely one of attrition. Major losses were generally far and few, but there was always something. It was like a pocket knife slowly whittling away at a chunk of wood and the sliver that remained was their sorry and unfortunate lot.

Thoran sighed through his nose as he leaned his head down to press a gentle kiss upon Natharai’s short and dirty hair, not seeming to care if the contact would give him a chance on catching his sickness. Thoran was always made of stronger stuff when it came to matters like these, so all that mattered to him was keeping him comfortable and warm. The contact, though, caused Natharai’s eyes to flutter and partially tear up as his fever addled mind drifted back to days long past. Happier times with his husband, of laughter in the sun, of his strong arms around him – arms much like these. A cynical part of him, which was quite a bit stronger nowadays, whispered terrible things to him about his relationship with Thoran.

That Thoran was just a replacement for Arenvald since they were similar, that he did not really love him, and all of this was just a lie. Yet even though his mind said such toxic things, in the end, it likely did not matter. They loved one another, regardless of the reasons behind it, and helped each other through this hell they have come to know as their life. Natharai was there for Thoran when Etharion passed as was Thoran for himself when Arenvald succumbed to the swarm in an effort to protect the group. Now they were all that remained…

Though for how much longer? The flu was not something that killed people often back when society still stood, back when they had cleaner living conditions and medicine that was readily available. These could very well be his last days and the only thing he could think about was Thoran being left alone.

Tears began to flow freely as Natharai’s thin hand snaked out of his blanket and weakly grabbed onto the bear-like man’s hand. He wanted to say something, but the words kept dying in his throat, leaving him to weakly blubber nonsense.

Thoran could not help but become mildly distraught at the drastic shift in Natharai’s demeanor, doing his best to pull him closer and nestle the side of his face against his – the stubble of their beards scratching against their worn skin. “Shhh, shhh… Nah, luv, don’tcha cry. It’s awright…”

“I love you,” the smaller man eventually managed to say as a segment of Thoran’s shirt was fisted in his other hand. “I love you…” Yet the way he was saying it was almost like he was saying goodbye… The bear, his bear now, opened his mouth to protest but managed to stop short.

Thoran swallowed thickly as he tightly closed his eyes in a vain attempt to stop any tears from flowing, deciding, for once, to not be his usual stubborn self and face the potential reality of the situation. Gods know he’ll keep fighting to keep Nath alive, but if by some terrible chance that he doesn’t make it, he needs to hear those words too.

“…I love ya too, Nath. More than words c’n say.”

• • • • • • • •

(( thoran-barrett ))

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Subjects: Huvi and Natharai

Situation: Pretending to date

Natharai had made sure they’d be there. Huvi made all the appropriate preparations. This was their night for revenge.

Arenvald entered the pub, unaware that his every move was being tracked; a green orb keeping watch from the safety of the inside of the tavern’s ornate grandfather clock. Now it was only a matter of time before she showed up. And she would. She had to.

And she did. Casea strolled through the door and took a seat at the bar a few stools down from where Aren had perched. Now it was time.

Natharai nodded, signaling that it was time to begin. They both erupted with thunderous laughter, drawing the attention of the nearby patrons.

“Huvi my dear, that is classic. Where do you come up with these stories?” Natharai faked wiping a tear from his eye, and smiled convincingly.

“Ah live ‘em. But ah suppose you’ll be findin ‘at out soon enough.” She smirked right back at him, their voices carrying throughout the tavern sufficiently.

Aren and Casea both looked over curiously, cautiously even. Their plan was working. Time to kick it up a notch. Huvi nodded at the bartender who turned on the radio at the counter, filling the room with music.

“‘ow about while we wait fer our meals ta arrive we ‘ave a little dance?” She stood and extended a hand to Natharai; the man still loomed over her, even while sitting. He took her hand and she pulled him to his feet.

“Why my darling I can think of nothing I’d rather do.” And he led her to the tavern’s makeshift dance floor.

They danced a quick dance, attempting to dazzle the other patrons with fancy footwork. Occasionally stealing surreptitious glances toward the bar to check for their intended effects. The empty shot glasses in front of their exes told them that yes, their plan was working.

“Dip me you tit.” Huvi whispered to Nath, signaling for the grand finale. He hesitated, unsure of how someone as tall as him even could dip a dwarf. “Whut’re ya waitin for?” He leaned well over, trying his best to dip Huvi without dropping her and still supporting her back with his arm.

He almost succeeded.

As the two of them landed in a heap on the floor, it was their turn to be buffeted with laughter from across the room. Casea and Aren clanked their mugs together and downed their ale before heading toward the door together.

“Right where we left you I see.” They commented to the heap of worgen and dwarf still on the floor as they passed by and laughed again.

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Greenhearth Alternate Universe Drabble Challenge
Randomly Selected Character: Vandrysse
Topic: Sex Swapped

• • • • • • • •

It was a rather lonely existence for Natasha, as the company she tended to keep were men and women who have long departed this world. Chaucer, Tolstoy, Austen, Steinbeck, Shakespeare were some of the few who kept her company in the mornings before work, at the park she’d take lunch at, and warm her bed as she turned in for the evening. Friends were something that other people had and, for the most part she was glad for it.

Though there were times when there were pangs of remorse, usually happening at random when spotting brief moments of intimacy between others. A young couple sneaking a kiss on the cheek, a peal of laughter from a group of girls, or an old married pair walking down the sidewalk with their wrinkled hands tenderly clasped in the other’s. Though it was easier this way: Less complications, no chance for heartbreak, and no counting the days until she would have to part ways from them. Nothing is permanent on this planet, so why get attached?

However, her demeanor made it mighty difficult to allow anyone near – even if the thought of being friendly with the spinster crossed their mind. She was sharp, angular, her long hair tied up into a tight and neat bun, and brandished a glare like a weapon. She had been this facility’s head librarian for almost fifteen years and it was a fact that she showed with pride. The library was in tip top shape, the staff ran like a well-oiled machine, and there were plenty of programs going to keep readers engaged and involved.

One of the most successful programs was their bimonthly “Teatime in the Park”, which was a wonderful moment for mothers, daughters, friends, and more to enjoy delicious treats while listening to public readings of beloved children’s books and poetry. It was a relatively recent affair as the library had a recent volunteering from a new bakery that opened up about four blocks away.

The Bunnery, in the short time it has been around, had garnered a fierce reputation of delicious treats and it was still high in demand. To have access to these delicacies at a cheaper price and in the pastoral setting of the park the Library was located near was a treat for all those involved.

This was the third time that the event has taken place, the crews of volunteers and paid staff milling about as they set up tables, doilies, and their spreads of confections. Natasha simply sat at a nearby table, clipboard and checklist before her, as she sipped at her cup of tea. Everything was going according to plan, thankfully, but what she did not expect was a visitor.

“Hello Ms. Ebonrook,” a pleasant voice sounded to her left, a gentle southern drawl lacing his words. Natasha jolted slightly, promptly set down her tea cup into its saucer, and looked up to her unexpected guest. The man before her was Vander Dyce, the owner of the Bunnery, and despite being the one who set up this event with her oh-so-many months ago he rarely visited in person.

He was a handsome sort, with a good jawline, fire red hair, and strong hands. Natasha did not often find herself in moments of befuddlement like these, but there was something about Vander that made her heart all aflutter. “Oh… Mr. Dyce,” she murmured as she gently smoothed down the front of her blouse in a silent bid for composure. “What an unexpected surprise.”

“Vander,” he corrected playfully. “You don’t need to be formal with me, I only call you Ms. Ebonrook because you insist upon it.”

“Well…” Natasha picked up her teacup, murmuring against the rim of it before taking a sip. “It is only proper.” The librarian’s attention soon fell to a small box held within the baker’s hands, her brows quirking up curiously. “…Might I ask what you have there?”

“Oh, this?” Vander chuckled, his expression near beaming as he reached out to set it before her. “Just a little present for you.”

Natasha was dumbfounded. A present? She never really got presents, even on her birthday or on gift-giving holidays, as she normally rebuked them. But this… this was different. “O…Oh. What…what is it?” She murmured as she slid the beautifully wrapped box before her, her thin fingers tugging at the transparent green ribbon.

“Gotta open it to find out.”

The librarian hummed faintly, silently chiding herself at asking such an obvious question, as she opened the box. Despite her best efforts, she could not help but let out a little gasp of delight. Before here were several beautiful butterfly cookies, exquisitely designed with brilliant icing and edible glitter, and she could swear that they would fly away if she didn’t keep looking at them.

“Butterflies…” She breathed as her fingers carefully ghosted the surface of one. “I absolutely adore butterflies.” Peeking up to Vander, Natasha offered a bit of a mindless, but genuine, smile. “Thank you, Mr. Dyce. Vander… I love them.”

Vander was practically glowing with pride and delight. “Glad to hear it… And I must say, you have an absolutely lovely smile, Ms. Ebonrook. Shame you don’t show it off more.”

The librarian’s dusky skin flushed a slightly ruddy shade as she looked away in mild embarrassment, her smile widening despite her best efforts.

• • • • • • • •

(( vandrysse ))



Topic: Coffee Shop
Characters: Natharai Ebonrook and Vandrysse Dyce

The line inside Bold Bean was hardly moving, but that was alright. Vandrysse wanted to chuck her phone through the plate glass window. The wi-fi was being absurdly horrid right now, and Swarm just would not load…